Welcome to the Mexico99.com website.  Mexico is
a country with a very interesting history.  Before
Mexico was "Mexico" it was a land with incredible
civilizations of "Indians" with very unique cultures.  
These "Indian" cultures consisted of various
tribes, villages and empires.  The cultures had very
creative arts, religions and cities featuring
incredible temples and buildings .  Many of these
pieces of culture such as the art and buildings
were greatly influenced by their specific religions.  
The area of influence is commonly known as
Mesoamerica.  Much of this area was
encompassed by what is present day Mexico.
Although many people have heard of the Maya and
Aztec cultures, there were also many other
cultures such as the Olmec and Teotihuacan, just
to name a few.  In the 15th and 16th centuries, the
Spaniards arrived and colonialized the country.  
Many Mesoamerican cultures rose and fell before
the arrival of the Spaniards.  However, This
colonization led to great changes for the
Mesoamerican cultures.  With the arrival of the
Spaniards, came bloodshed and forced changes
for the "Indians".  The Spanish were a Roman
Catholic country and they constructed massive and
beautiful Churches and Cathedrals.  Their Catholic
religion was brought to Mexico and many
Mesoamericans were forced to convert to
Catholicism.   In addition, the Spanish language
was adopted by the people of Mexico.  Today, the
vast majority of people in Mexico are of mixed
races (European and Indigenous) and most identify
themselves as being Catholics.  Mexico is full of
history with many original temples, pyramids and
art from Mesoamerica and also of the Spanish
influence.  The most notable example of the
Spanish influence is the Catholic religion.  In
virtually every town and city in Mexico, you can see
at least one church which is many times the focal
point of the town/city plaza. Although you can still
find people in Mexico who are still one hundred
percent Indigenous and speak their original native
tounges, the majority of the country is a mix of the
Mesoamericans and Spaniards.,  On this site you
will find a great selection of high quality photos
featuring Churches and Ruins from all over Mexico.
 We hope you enjoy the beauty of these photos
featuring the great masterpieces from the
Mesoamerican times and from the Spanish
colonialization.  Remeber to click on the photos
that are on the pages to see larger more detailed
photos.  Thank you for visiting!
Churches & Cathedrals in Mexico
High quality photos of Mexican Churches and
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Mexican Ruins and Cathedrals
Ruins in Mexico
High quality photos of
Ruins from the
Meso-America time period
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Xochicalco ruins in Morelos
Los Toriles ruins in Nayarit
Tepozteco ruins in Morelos