The Cathedral in Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco, Mexico
Statue at the Cathedral in Puerto Vallarta
Outside side entrance to the Cathedral in Puerta
Side View of the Cathedral
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Official Name:
Our lady of Guadalupe

Calle Hidalgo
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
Postal Code (Codigo Postal)

NOTE: Many people in Puerto
Vallarta refer to this place of
worship as a Cathedral, however
others say that it is just a church
because there is no bishop here.  
In any event, it is the most
significant and well known
church/cathedral in Puerto

Every December there is a 12 day
festival (Feast of Guadalupe).  
Priests at the Church of our Lady

1921 - 1926 Francisco Ayala
1929 - 1932 Jose Ramirez
1932 - 1940 Luis Robles
1942 - 1966 Rafael Parra
1967 - 1979 Francisco Antonio Aldana
1979 - 1982 Jose de Jesus Meda
1982 - 2003 Luis Ramirez
2003 - Now  Esteben Salazar
Inside look at the Cathedral
Closer look at the altar of the Cathedral in Puerto
Puerto Vallarta Cathedral Photos
La Catedral De Puerto Vallarta
Entrada de la catedral de Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta Cathedral
Puerta Vallarta
Puerta Vallarta Cathedral
Puerto Vallarta Cathedral Photos
Puerto Vallarta Cathedral Photo of beautiful
stained glass
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Picture of a Church Pews in the Cathedral in
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
Church Pews in PuertaVallarta
Otra vista adentro de la catedral en Puerto Vallarta
Stained glass window at the Church
View of the altar
Cathedral in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
P.V. Jalisco
Photo of the famous crown of the church.  
Originally added in 1963, restored in 1981.  
Damaged in 1995 by an earthquake.
Angeles de Vallarta