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Mexican Ruins and Cathedrals
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A picture of the floor.
Catedral de Monterrey
The Cathedral in Monterrey

Official Name:  
Catedral Metropolitana de
Nuestra Señora de Monterrey

Zuazua #1100 Sur
Monterrey, Nuevo León  64000,

The cathedral was established
as the Diocese of Linas/Nuevo
Leon on December 15, 1777.  It
was promoted to the
Metropolitan Archdiocese of
Linares/Nuevo Leon on June
23, 1891 and renamed as the
Metropolitan Archdiocese of
Monterrey on June 9, 1922.
Side view photo of the Monterrey Cathedral.
Catedral en Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
A picture of the Cathedral, above the front entrance.
The photos above are from inside the cathedral.  The first picture is of the altar area and the second
is a closer view of the beautiful and colorful murals on the walls behind the altar.  
Papa Juan Pablo II
A plaque outside of the cathedral, dedicated to Pope Jone Paul the 2nd and his second visit to the
Monterrey Cathedral on May 10, 1990.
A view of the cathedral's tower.